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Changing things up!

It's October, so of course, I am counting down to my favourite time of the year, Halloween.

This year, there is much more than just dressing up to look forward to, I have been working on an amazing International collaboration project, and Halloween is the day it is due to be released I am hoping over the next few weeks to bring you a few teasers not only from my parts but from some of the other incredible contributions.

I have a few projects on the go at the minute including updating the interior to Disintegration & Other Stories, finishing up The Role Of The Dice then getting stuck into the rest of the Queen Of Ages Trilogy.

Patreon did not really take off this year but I am not discouraged, I will be putting together the stories I have been working on for this years Patreon together in January and releasing it as the 2019 Patreon collection still but I am thinking that instead of twelve 5k stories to do 3 or 4 stories of around 25-30k words instead. I am not sure how I will work it into the Patreon going forward whether they get the stories in installments or more behind the scenes stuff instead.

The Other project that I have begun since I last updated you is the podcast Coffee & Dark Reads which is now also available via Podbean and on I-tunes. I am going to put my hand up and admit I have found editing the podcast to be more difficult than the vlogs which totally surprised me.

So thats it for the round up this week, if you want more, catch up with me on my social media channels especially FB and Instagram.

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