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New Life

You will have noted that I have been quiet again the last couple of weeks, but fear not, nothing has been wrong rather the opposite.

I am proud to announce the arrival of my beautiful granddaughter Delilah.

Of course, for most of January, family has taken priority, now everything has settled back down again I am hectically scrabbling to catch up on various projects and to get everything ready for my first signing of the year in Leeds.

There are a few places to keep in touch with me on social media but I would recommend signing up for my quarterly newsletter, following me on Instagram and FB for lots of photos and fun but also I have a readers group on Fb you can also join, it is a small but intimate group where your opinion counts and I am starting extra monthly giveaways. You will also be the first to know all my book news. If you are interested in joining my readers group you can find us here.

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