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OMG It's been a year!

The calendar says a year has passed since I last posted here, I know the evidence is there, but I can't believe it, so much has happened.

Obviously, there has been all the big stuff, the continuing pandemic which has turned our lives upside down, but I have personally got a horse which then in turn gave me a foal but if you are here, you probably already follow me somewhere on social media and know all about here.

This site is all about the books and my writing so I will be posting in the next few weeks to let you know more about the two amazing anthologies I got to be part of that just launched.

The two are very different, one is all about love overcoming all, the other is about torture, maybe they aren't that different after all lol, only kidding. I will put up the sales links in the books section, the Torture one is a charity anthology and only available for a very limited time period.

I will post more about each book in the next couple of weeks, starting next week with a little bit of torture.

Stay tuned things will pick up

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