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Paying His Debts - My favourite characters yet?

Every time you write a book there is a danger that the characters you create will become your favourites simply because they are new. However, I have to be honest I do love Cezar and Charlotte.

This book has given me a new way to play with the ideas of good and evil within the grey areas we all exist in. It shows how events can change people, that under the right circumstances people can be pushed out of their every day existence. So many people will say I would never be able to kill anyone but then ask them if they would kill to save their child and the answer becomes a resounding yes. Admittedly this is normally because they know they are unlikely to ever be in that position but I do believe that under the right circumstances anyone can become a killer.

Likewise I believe very few people care truly evil without the chance for redemption. Look how many serial killers are arrested only to hear their neighbours talk about what a lovely person they were who helped their elderly neighbour with their bins. everyone has a public and personal mask, some are just more different than others.

Later this year book two in the series will be published and though Cezar and Charlotte are not the main characters through that book they nonetheless play pivotal roles and will be tested further.

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