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Voices Audiobook is live!

Exciting news this week with the first audiobook going on sale on Amazon, I-tunes and Audible. I am very pleased to announce that Voices Across The Void is now available in audio form, I was lucky to find a lovely lady to narrate the book and we had really good interactions working on this project.

It is a very strange thing to listen to another voice read your stories, and it was a real learning process, listening to potential narrators, trying to get the right match for your words. The there is the whole recording part, admittedly the author has the easy bit, you just say yes, I like this, or no, I don’t like that, but you still have to make executive decisions like what part do you choose for you sample, what do you want in terms of dedications or acknowledgments.

Like anything else in writing there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes than you will every see. There will be links going up on the books page and I hope by next week to have news of the Disintegration going on sale as well. #PaulaActon #IndieAuthor #VATV #VoicesAcrossTheVoid #GhostStories

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