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Wet and Miserable in the build up to the festive season!

The last couple of weeks we have had both snow and an abundance of rain. Preeya, shown here, is now 18 months old. She has already outgrown her mum, much like my 13 year old son towers over me, but she still manages to fee from mum occasionally. You can also see a new addition to the herd in this photo, my friends new foal, she joined us on bonfire night and has settled in nicely but you won't see much of her here.

There have been lots of changes to the herd, a tragic death two horses heading off to new homes one of which is permanent, one is just out on loan.

My girl is still here and is the total princess needing her rug already. Last year she made it to January but this year it's mid December and she was cold.

It is interesting to consider that her daughter has inherited most of her genes from her unknown father by the look of it.

This is something that we need to think about when we are writing about family, characters and situations. Not everyone will handle things the same way and that traits can be passed on by those who are absent.

What Preeya has taken from Ruby is her loving nature. Ruby still has her moments where her past makes her difficult to deal with. She gets scared, she reacts and freaks out a little still. The difference is once upon a time she would run away now she comes to me, proof that nurture plays just as big a part as genetics. I often wonder at those who missed out on her because they did not take the time or patience to give her love and affection for long enough to gain her trust and loyalty. But then again, if someone had then she would not be here with me today.

Like creating characters they are each individual, and everything, that is in their genes, and the way they are treated, makes them who they are.

I am writing a short story for an anthology right now but I am considering how my characters end up in the position they are in, because I and the readers need to understand their motivations when they act in ways that would seem out of character.

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