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Where Has The Time Gone!

I would love to say I have been productive but other than a few short stories for anthologies I lost my writing mojo.

If truth be known the reality is the lack of signings contributed in many ways to the lack of urgency when it came to writing especially the disappointment around the Liverpool signing. I don't want to get into the issues surrounding that signing which left me a little disillusioned with the writing world. Thankfully like so many things it passed.

I did start NanoWriMo but yet again failed miserably due to various reasons including laryngitis, but I have been getting some writing done and am feeling positive about the future. I am currently working on a short story and finishing off my first every romance Rosie.

My 50th birthday passed earlier in the year and made me more determined than ever to get myself back on track, I love writing and have so many stories in my head, now is the time to focus on getting them in print.

I promise it will not be another year before I write her.

#PaulaActon #IndieAuthor #AmWriting

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