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The books are listed in release order with the latest showing first. However, please be aware most anthologies will have been available for a limited time only and may no longer be on sale. To order books please head over to where print copies of all available books can be ordered.

Paying His Debts, Cel Tradat Book 1


Nothing could ever have prepared Charlotte Morgan for the revelations awaiting her when she returned from work.

Her boyfriend had been beaten up by thugs he owed money to and she discovered he was in way over his head with the wrong people.

When he is taken before she can raise all the funds needed, she offers the only thing she can... herself!

Paying His Debts e-book cover copy.jpg

Meant to Be Mine: A Charity Romance Anthology

"What's meant to be, will always find its way." - Trisha Yearwood

Sometimes you have to take a wrong turn to find out where you need to be.
So many people and places enter our lives that sometimes, you forget which path you belong on. When fate leads you down an unknown road, what would you do to get back to the one person that you belong with?

Would you risk it all to get back to them or would you continue down the path you are on and hope that fate will guide you home?

Come and join these fantastic authors with a mix of genres as they travel the path of fate and destiny.

These stories will show you that what’s meant to be will always find its way.

This is a Books on the Beach charity anthology and all proceeds from this charity are being donated to Cancer Research UK.


Love Ever After

Reunite with your soulmate on a ranch in Colorado; escape certain death with the love of your life in Yugoslavia; toast marshmallows by the light of the setting sun whilst you find the strength to carry on; or search for your lost love as the smell of fish and chips dances on the sea breeze. Something for everyone, each of these stories tells of love in all its form.A collection of short stories from authors you know and love.


Light Within The Dark

Mental health is not something that should be ignored, whether it’s from self-harm, depression, or suicide.

Everyone should be listened to before it’s too late.

It affects all ages, from kids to fully grown adults.

Their silence is the loudest cry for help anyone could give.

We never know what goes on behind closed doors. We don’t see the punch to the face a wife has taken. We don’t see every time a girlfriend, wife or husband gets grabbed around the throat by their partner.
But it happens….

The pages of this anthology follows the different stories of loss, bullying, death and domestic violence from some of the attending authors at the Telford signing.
All proceeds will be going to the Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service

***Disclaimer- Some of the content in this book can cause triggers for some. Also, contains profanity, erotic scenes and only suitable for readers 18+***


Ascension: Book One Queen Of Ages Trilogy 

In all things there must be a balance, light can only shine if darkness exists, good can only be realised if there is evil with which to compare it. A young woman born to fulfil an ancient prophecy is trapped by fate into a world of violence, lust, love and madness. Can she sacrifice herself to save her way of life and the lives of those she cares for, even if it means betraying those she loves most? *The book does contain scenes of sexual violence and torture which some readers may find disturbing*



The contributors were asked to write a poem based on the book cover image. Unsurprisingly, many of the poems featured are dominated by the elements. The writers touch upon various subjects, however and readers are sure to discover a flavour they will enjoy. All proceeds of this collection will be shared between homeless charities both in the UK and US, reflecting the international collaboration behind this project.


Poems To My Younger Self

"A lovely collection I will read again and again. And for such a great cause is a bonus!" This anthology asks a lot of questions, and answers many, too. What wisdom would you impart to your younger self? Or would you not do anything differently? Is there anything to pre-warn yourself of? Or does everything happen for a reason? Hear from various poetic voices as they write to their younger selves. If only we knew then, what we know now. **All proceeds of this book will be donated to the MAKE A WISH UK charity**


Lupus Animus

Lupus Animus is a collection of short stories and poems with a wolf theme compsed with the aim to raise funds for Artisan Rarebreeds, and anmal charity dedicated to the care and welfare of all animals as well as educating people in the hope that the number of abandoned pets will one day decrease. 


Tales From A Fractured Mind Vol 1

A collection of stories previously printed in anthologies mixed with some new stories from the dark recesses of my imagination


Torture: A Halloween Anthology

Welcome to the world of ‘Torture’

Inside all of us there is a dark side. In most it’s hidden away never to be seen but sometimes it surfaces and chaos reigns supreme.

Nine authors with British backgrounds come together to bring you tales of heinous proportions.

Demons, humans, witches and all things which go bump in the night will be contained in these pages.

Impalement, dunking, rat torture, sleep deprivation and so much more will be displayed.

Enter if you dare, but beware, there's no going back and you might not survive.

The Torture Anthology is a limited edition anthology available for Halloween 2020 from the authors: AJ Blackburn, Anna Edwards, Claire Marta, Crystal North, Emma Luna, Laura Morgan, Paula Action, Samantha Lewis, T J Podger.

All proceeds will be donated to the Autism Society UK, a charity close to the heart of several of the authors.


31 Overlook Hotel

The Hotel is not what she seems...

She is a complicated structure, catering to the needs of each patron. Some of those needs, shall we say, are specialized. Step inside, enjoy the glorious beauty of the Hotel, and perhaps accept an exclusive invitation.

Dear Honored Guest,

Enclosed you will find an exclusive invitation to the 31 Overlook Hotel Masquerade Ball. Due to the nature of the ultimate outcome of the festivities, the hotel has requested the explicit details of the event, and what will culminate afterwards, will not be revealed until Midnight at the ball. We promise to delight and not disappoint.

Please understand that if you are holding this invitation then you are among a small group of selected, very important individuals for attendance.

We do not expect an RSVP. Please arrive with your invitation and present it at the front desk during check-in. If you have not spent time at our resort prior, please note that we do have tailored menus available for our guests with refined, specialized tastes. This can be addressed upon arrival.

As always, I am here to serve.


The Night Manager


Key To My Heart

This is an official Books on the Beach Anthology brought to you from several attending authors of the Books on the Beach international signing event.This anthology is full of stories of sweet romance, hearts racing and love blossoming.All the proceeds from the anthology are being donated to charity.All the sweetest sentiments of a summer romance, brought to you by an amazing group of authors.Get swept up in your summer escape and find your new romance.


Escaping The Shadows

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Voices Across The Void

Voices Across The Void is a collection of ghostly tales, not all ghosts are friendly but they all want to be heard, this collection is told many from the other side, with as many emotions as they displayed in life they want your attention now, so the question remains, are you listening?


Disintegration & Other Stories

A series of short stories about when the fairy tale ends and everything falls apart. Love,death and revenge all feature in these tales where not everything is as it seems.  The phrase till death do us part takes on a different meaning in both Disintegration and Empty, while Table For One and Deuce examine the more humorous side of betrayal.

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